About Me

Hi, I'm Jeff MacDonald

Currently I’m an Associate Director of Social Innovation at Mekanism in Chicago, IL.

Jeff joined Mekanism in 2015 as the first Experience Designer there. There he works alongside strategists and creatives and works to bring as many innovative socials firsts to clients like MillerCoors and Ben & Jerry’s. Jeff uses prototyping for the web and and hardware to create experiences that bring people together for shared moments of wonder. Outside of client work, he has created art experiences that have connected museum goers together via LED lights and touch. His ideas have ranged from the practical, like a water usage attachment for your faucet, to websites that help you get out of awkward dinner conversations with family.

Jeff received his Masters at VCU Brandcenter in creative technology and shortly after became an adjunct professor there. He loves teaching others how to take technology and move it from the complicated to a tool they can use and understand. Jeff has volunteered in the community to teach 3D printing classes and bootcamps to help people understand topics such as API’s.

Hear more about me and my creative journey on the podcast We Are Next by Natalie Kim: