Here’s a collection of resources I commonly share with people.
I hope you find this useful and feel free to reach out if you know of something I should add.

Strategy Links

Julian Cole Links – A collection of strategy decks and templates.

Job Searching

Boolean Query Example – Use boolean queries to better job search inside sites like LinkedIn.

JobHero – If you need a way to organize your job search, JobHero is a useful interface to collect jobs you’ve applied to and keep track of who/when you’ve reached out. JobHero also has a Chrome Extension for easily adding job listings.

XD Links

XD Toolbox – An extensive list of tools I maintain for XD’s to use to improve their work.

Production Links

The FWA Profiles, perfect for finding a production co.

Awwwards, another great spot for finding companies doing great work.

Github’s Trending Topics, see what’s trending on the world’s largest open database of code.

Codepen and Codepen UI Patterns, a great resource to see live code in action and trending topics in UI, the second link takes you directly to those UI Patterns.

Built With, see what web stack is running on a site. Helpful for figuring out how a site achieved a feature.